And we are up and running

You would think that for three intelligent, creative women redesigning a website would be an easy project, right? Turns out…it’s a little bit like herding cats. Luckily, we had the ridiculous talents of our favorite web designer, Erica Houston from Little Ninja Creative, to keep us focused. A few strategic meetings at gwypfp headquarters (aka Starbucks), a bajillion emails sent back and forth in the great abyss of cyberspace and a few international telephone calls (cuz we are such a big deal, our web designer lives in L.A.) and TADA….a new website.

It’s a little like having a baby! Without the cursing, the crying, the fluids…ok, so maybe not like having a baby at all. But it is like having a shiny new car that you want to show off. You researched it, test drove it (with 16 versions before this one) and now that you are driving it off the lot, you want to honk your horn and have everyone look at you. And stare. And point. And “like” us on Facebook *hint*hint.*

We wanted to take a second to thank Erica Houston from Little Ninja Creative. She is amazingly creative, passionate and full of great ideas and she really did bring our vision to life. Thank you, Erica!

We hope you like the look and feel of what we have created. We love feedback so email us, call us, Twitter us, Facebook us, message in a bottle us or strap your thoughts to your trustiest carrier pigeon to let us know what you think.